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Flying Freely with my feet on the ground.
His eyes are the Moon but his smile is the Sun.
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27th-Jun-2008 01:56 am - hmm...OOC
Was thinking to wriet something pretty here but nothing much comes to me at teh moment. *huggles*
Hope you got cured from your sickness!
25th-Feb-2008 10:15 am(no subject)
forget it then.
7th-Jul-2007 01:34 am(no subject)
I miss you.

I was negleted all day. I washed, cleaned clothes and hanged them after it, repacked my wardrobe, cleaned up the messy kitchen, made tea, let my bro play and I didn't even get nice words cos Dad was sleeping bro was blaying and mom was kicking her Excell cos it wasn't cooporating with her.

I feel like a tiny little thing in the middle of a big and painfuly empty room.


I hope you will get cured quickly. *pets head*
29th-Jun-2007 11:20 pm - Soaked...
It was only a quick rain.

Falling in drops large as peas, as if a Titan god was having a shower.
Soaked to the skin, or even down to the bones.

We caught the 5 minute long rain and looked like 'kittens saved from the river'. Yes that's exactly the expression Lust used when we dropped home.

Even my undearwear was wet. Icredible.
Münich never had such weather affairs. Münich is colder. We always try to keep ourselves from getting soaked in feer of cold and other sickness.

Of course, Al was just grinning. Read more...Collapse )
20th-Jun-2007 11:55 pm - sigh
School just ended and Al is already looking for work. He said he wants to earn money too!

I should tie him to the bed so that he would stay put for at least 3 days.

Both Lust and I told him to sit down and enjoy freedom for a bit at least for the weekend.

He was adorably grumpy as he collapsed in the sofa. And when Schnee jumped up in his lap for some loveing his grumpiness flew by as well.

So he promised to stay home and rest for a day bur he will start searching for work the day after tomorrow.
19th-Jun-2007 11:16 pm(no subject)
Al was very worried this morning. The SchoolEnd Ceremony was today. Of course Lust and I were invited. We walket to the school really early. It was decorated with flowers aand everyone was being pretty.

Al hurried up to his classroom before showing us around in the large building. He was very cheerfull when he showed the artroom, he was less smiling when he told us where the swimming pool is.

The ceremony started around 10 and Al had to hurry back to his class. From there we waited untill teh class that finished their final year walk trought the school and sing meanwhile. Until they ended up on the yard where the rest of the school and invited people, parents brothers and family was already waiting.
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11th-Jun-2007 12:50 am - dear journal...
No entry for so long again ^^;

Well! let's see teh news! Lust-san has gotten a job at the radio station and she is hearable at noon informing the listeners of the news and the weather forcast for that day.

We worked on Robert's car a lot the other day and well the engine had some misfunction and the whole thing almost went boom ! It was much fun.

Alphonse had exams again and that left me playing with Schnee a lot lately. The circus is going fine as well, at summer I will have more work it seems. Working in the Entertainment Job is tiring. When everyone is relaxing you are most showered with work.

I'm very tired now. So I'll be going to sleep.

24th-May-2007 11:19 pm - nightmare
I dreamed the worst things. Woke up with tears, I admit.

I dreamed I was lost and Al wasn't there. And I had a feeling that... I knew that he left, he got angry at me and left. It was horrible.
When I woke Al wasn't next to me. I tought I'll die right there, but I heard the sound of flushing and hurried out.

Al was there in the bathroom, I opened in as he washed his hands and embraced hime right there. I don'tt hink he knew why but it didn't matter.
He is here. Here with me. And I'm not letting him go ever.
I think I stated criing more. Al was so scared he made me sit down on teh toilet seat and tried to calm me.

It's strange how much a wreck I can become all of a sudden.
How much I need Al's presents. I don't want him to go to camp or such in june with the school. I don't think I would survive the week.

I'm fine now. More or less.
Lust been very nice today. Petting my head whenever she passes me. I think l mentioned her to keep an eye on me.

I think I just had a mental brakedown last night. I hope it won't happen again.
And I hope Al comes home rom school soon too, cos Lust will eb going to work in an hour and that leaves me alone with Schnee again.
18th-May-2007 08:11 pm(no subject)
Lust has found a job at the Radio station. Yay. :D
Originally when he went there was no job but they called her back this monday.

Guess what happened!!
Robert, a collegue of mine who works with the moving equipment of the circus, has bought a car.
Okay, to be exact he bought a wreck, but he is a car-fan and plans to repair the vechile.
We were invited to look at the car already altough it still doesn't work.

I must say that steam-cars are fantastic. It's a genious idea.
Much more practical and cheaper than the ones at gome that are going with gasoil. True, you have to ionize and dessitillate the water but with so many alchemists it is not a problem.

We had much fun at the hangar of the 'Old Joe'. 'Old Joe' is a car repair hangar originally but the owner doesn't do the business anymore. Robert is the second cousin of mentioned owner and she let him use the spot for his hobby.

Five mechanich stuffed up in a 6x6 square meters, smell of machine oil and car to play with. We, altough our age different varied from 62 to 17, acted like children and had much fun.

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OOC: When do you have time for more rp?
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